Maria Bayford at Rutland Okanagan Regional Library Branch

On , In Artscape, Rutland Library

#20 – 301 Hwy. 33 West, Kelowna, BC V1X 1X8

Maria Bayford – Artist Statement

For me Art is about discovery. The million ways in which people can express themselves always mesmerizes me.  Whether it is in painting, writing, acting, decorating or any form of self expression the way ‘they ‘ do it, always seems to take me by surprise. I love the WOW moment !!

I love colour and movement and I find inspiration in everyday moments. Painting allows me to explore,  take risks and be free . Also demands self-control and discipline: Take another brush stroke, slap some more colour when I thought I was done… a dab here,  a line there… or I take a step back … be bold or know when to stop…

I find painting very intuitive, relaxing and all absorbing. I am curious and like to push the envelope. I like to be ‘pulled’ into the painting and let form and colour show me the way. I usually start with an image in my mind of where I want to go… It usually deconstructs itself pretty fast… only to reveal  itself in a totally different way . My WOW moment!!

I like my work to be provocative and nuanced. Let the viewer find their own resonance and interpretation. Your own WOW moment !!