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Topic & Registration LinkPresenterDateTime
PACT Town Hall (Weekly)Professional Association of Canadian TheatreThursdays10am-11am
Arts BC Roundtable (Bi-Weekly)Arts BCTuesdays12pm-1pm
Student Work Placement Program Wage Subsidy Info SessionTalent MATCHWed, Aug 41pm-2pm
Heritage Grants Info Session: Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro-Grants Webinar (contact [email protected])First People’s Cultural CouncilThurs, Aug 510:30am-11:30am
3 Easy Ways to Increase Online DonationsKeelabsThurs, Aug 1210am-11am
Heritage Grants Info Session: Oral Histories Grant Webinar (contact [email protected])First People’s Cultural CouncilWed, Aug 1810:30am-11:30am
Workplace Mental Health Post-COVIDCharity VillageThurs, Aug 1910am-11am
Small Shop StewardshipCharity VillageThurs, Sep 2310am-11am

Financial Resources

  1. $500 million support to arts and sport sector: distributed through Heritage Canada
  2. Canada’s COVID Economic Response Plan: support to Canadians, businesses and organizations facing hardship as a result of COVID-19
  3. Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: provides a 75% wage subsidy to eligible employers for up to 12 weeks
  4. Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance: this program will lower rent by 75% for small businesses and non-profit organizations affected by COVID-19
  5. Canada Emergency Business Account: interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to small businesses and non-profits, to help cover operating costs during a period where revenues are restricted.
  6. Canada Council for the Arts: $60M in advance funding to help stabilize the backbone of the arts sector during COVID-19
  7. Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF): nearly $1 billion in support to mitigate the financial pressure experienced by businesses and organizations to continue operations and prepare for a successful recovery
  8. Community Workforce Response Grant: provides up to $10 million a year in funding for communities and sectors to support in-demand skills training leading to secure and sustainable employment for unemployed or underemployed (part-time, seasonal or casual) British Columbians
  9. Language Technology Program: [NC1] This program provides up to $180,000 in funding, technology and training to communities to support language revitalization using technology. This program combines the FirstVoices Program and Digitization Grants Initiative to offer funding and training to First Nations communities, governments, bands and tribal councils, and Indigenous organizations in B.C.
  10. BC Arts Council Resilience Funds: $21M to support an arts and culture resilience plan.
  11. FPCC Language Revitalization Planning Program: provides up to $100,000 in funding, resources and coaching to First Nations communities in B.C.
  12. Telus Community Grants: Due to the global pandemic, funding will be focused on critically important community-based health programs, including mental health and well-being programs, supporting at-risk populations. Up to $20,000 available.
  13. Stronger BC For Everyone: BC’s Restart Plan: $21M to arts and culture in BC through the BC Arts Council BC Recovery Benefit: A one-time, tax-free payment of up to $1,000 for eligible families and single parents and up to $500 for eligible individuals living in British Columbia.
  14. Envelope Funding for Music Companies: The program returns to its original design of a revenue and investment model, with some modifications in acknowledgment of the continued impact of COVID-19 on the music industry.
  15. Pivot for Individuals: assists professional artists, cultural practitioners, and arts administrators to adapt and transition their practice in response to changes in the arts and culture sector or undertake learning activities to sustain or advance their career.
  16. New 2020 T4 Reporting Requirements for All Employers: The CRA announced new reporting requirements for all Canadian employers who issue T4 slips.
  17. Healthy Community Initiatives: Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is working with partners across the country to fund projects as part of the Government of Canada’s Healthy Communities Initiative. Our foundation is teaming up with CFC to award $ 1,562,140 to projects in BC Southern Hub region that meet the eligibility criteria.
  18.  Presenter’s Capacity Building Program: provides project funding to CAPACOA and RIDEAU members who want to build on their organizational capacity, support research projects, and seek out mentorships.

Non-financial Resources

  1. Vantage Point COVID19 Response Program: short-term initiative to match you with an expert volunteer in four knowledge areas; information navigators, governance advisors, fundraising advisors and financial management advisors
  2. [email protected]: free crisis management support to arts organizations on topics such as finance, human resources, fundraising, governance, communications etc.
  3. LegalHelpBC.ca provides British Columbians with a starting point to get answers to their COVID-19 legal questions. 
  4. [email protected]: free legal information is available upon request to this email address
  5. Kelowna’s Canadian Mental Health Association: online programs and services to support mental health
  6. Vantage Point Membership: offered for free during COVID-19 crisis
  7. I Lost my Gig Canada: a space for creative industries and other vulnerable freelance and gig economy workers to connect and share stories in response to growing income precarity in Canada
  8. Act Safe – Safety Association: safety resources for arts and entertainment industries
  9. Business and the Arts Video Resources: a new series, How are you adapting? Where they interview arts leaders from across Canada to learn about how they are changing their programming and business models in light of COVID-19.
  10. ActSafe’s COVID-19 Resource Page
  11. Arts Community Outreach Coach:[NC1]  First People’s Cultural Council has a new position which will connect directly with Indigenous artists and organizations to assist them in accessing FPCC programs and resources, planning projects to address COVID-19 requirements and offer advice on raising their profile
  12. Young Associates CECRA Tips: tips for navigating the CECRA program
  13. ArtsClub COVID-19 Safety Measures: safety measures outlining the audience and artist experience
  14. Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society Resources For You: helping non-profits and artists understand the law
  15. A Conversation with Julie Dabrusin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage: the recording
  16. Updated information on your Civil Liability for exposure to or transmission of COVID-19
  17. 5 steps to securing sponsors
  18. Survivor guilt: how to deal with company layoffs
  19. 10 Ideas for Community Based COVID-19 Recovery
  20. Who Owns that Sound: Music in the Digital Age
  21. SoundON: provides BC presenters and artists with direct support to get back to doing what they do best: creating unforgettable live music experiences

Governance and non-profit resources

  1. Non-profit Boards and COVID-19: what could the role of your board be during a global pandemic
  2. Canada Business Resilience Network: to help businesses and nonprofits prepare, persevere, and ultimately prosper as we collectively face the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Building an inclusive culture of wellbeing at work
  4. Directors Liability Frequently Asked Questions: information on the duties of directors, what they may be liable for and how to protect themselves
  5. Employee Rights and Employer Obligations in COVID-19
  6. Canadian Charities Connect: join other Canadian Charity Professionals to discuss tips, lessons learned and strategies for taking advantage of opportunities enabled by this transformation.
  7. ArtsBC Executive Directors’ Mastermind Group: a place where arts administrators can come together, troubleshoot, share and support one another. Key themes include governance, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Reopening Resources

  1. BC Restart Plan: a series of steps that we will take together to protect people and ensure that our province can come back from COVID-19 stronger than before.
  2. Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide: considerations for reopening your facilities and events
  3. WorkSafeBC’s Returning to Safe Operation – Phase 2
  4. Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission’s COVID 19 Business Resources
  5. ActSafe’s Performing Arts Industry Relaunch Framework
  6. What will it take for Canadian’s to return to the arts? Full report from Business/Arts
  7. Return to Work Letter Template

Offering Support

  1. BC Restart Plan: a series of steps that we will take together to protect people and ensure that our province can come back from COVID-19 stronger than before.
  2. Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide: considerations for reopening your facilities and events
  3. WorkSafeBC’s Returning to Safe Operation – Phase 2
  4. Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission’s COVID 19 Business Resources
  5. ActSafe;’s Performing Arts Industry Relaunch Framework
  6. Art Helps Auxiliary Directory: add your skills and capacity to the initiatives below to help reduce the impact of COVID-19
  7. [email protected]: experts and professionals can offer their free crisis management support to arts organizations on topics such as finance, human resources, fundraising, governance etc.

Digital and Working from Home Tools

Continue Indulging in the Arts

Continue Indulging in the Arts

Impact Reporting

  • Purple Seven: Join the sector benchmark. TRG Arts and Purple Seven have partnered to provide real-time intelligence and advice to the arts and culture sector on the economic impact of COVID-19.
  • I Lost my Gig COVID-19 Impact Survey: open until February 28, 2021. The goals are to help better understand the effects of COVID-19 on the Canadian arts and culture industry, share stories on how diverse organizations are responding, and identify what is needed to help the sector strive into the future
  • SPACE for COMMUNITY: a multi-year study seeking to understand the real estate challenges impacting your sector
  • Going Virtual: Artistic Legal Knowledge Survey: To better understand what performers/dance artists, choreographers, managers, presenters/producers and board members know and understand on the topic
  • Vantage Points: No Immunity Survey: Vantage Point is eager to hear all the voices of the non-profit sector in BC.
  • Kelowna Chamber’s Use Your Voice COVID Impact Survey: In partnership with the BC Chamber Kelowna’s COVID Impact Survey will track the workforce challenges, how your needs are evolving, and what government can do to help your business survive and recover.
  • A National Portrait of Board Membership in Canada: Imagine Canada and other leading sector organizations worked closely with Statistics Canada to develop the Diversity of Charity and Non-profit Boards (DCNB) survey. Its goal is to develop a national portrait of board membership in Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector – a first of its kind!
  • COVID-19 Pulse Survey: open to all nonprofit organizations, including charities, foundations, associations, and other nonprofits. The survey is focused on pandemic-related challenges in the area of staff and volunteers and should take 6-8 minutes to complete.

Available Impact Data

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