Megan Bowers at Dr. Grover & Associates Dental Office

On , In Artscape

205 – 1626 Richter St, Kelowna

On display to May 17th, 2016

//Artist Statement//

Megan Bowers creates and documents flowers & plants and carefully presses them to preserve their delicate shape and colour. Photographing these subjects gives the viewer a chance to stop and recognize something that is often ignored.

Each plant was carefully dried for five days between a press created with ply wood, watercolour paper and cardboard. This method allows the plant to breathe, keeping close to its natural colour. Megan found each plant throughout different areas in Kelowna. She was drawn to these specific plants for their symmetry and bold components.

Megan’s artistic efforts are concerned with finding complexity and beauty in the ordinary and mundane giving each photograph its own unique aesthetic.

FullSizeRender (1)// Artist Bio //

Megan Bowers is a Kelowna based visual artist, crafter and freelance photographer with a diploma in Photography from the Centre for Arts and Technology. Megan’s artistic efforts are concerned with finding complexity and beauty in the ordinary and mundane. Her Interests in photographing nature are influenced by the hustle of daily lives, unable to stop and notice the small details that create our world around us. Photographing these subjects allows her to create a calm feeling that gives the viewer a chance to stop and recognize something that is often ignored.

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