Graciela Blancarte at Dr. Grover Dental

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Mexican-born and Canadian-based artist Graciela Blancarte pours the life of both her cultures into her work. Graciela finds the inspiration for her love of art from her upbringing in Durango, Mexico: a town rich in history, music, and art.

Painting is a way for Graciela to connected two worlds. Prior to her art practice, she felt a palpable fracture between the two cultures. This created the sense that something was missing. Painting has allowed Graciela to ground that sensation, bringing the impression of Durango to Canada.

Graciela uses nostalgic colours to create bright and vivid pieces which highlight passion and convey emotions. Her painting begins with music, which evokes the connections that allow her to create. To see more of Graciela’s work, visit