The Honour in the Arts Awards is a program that recognizes commitment and achievement in the arts through:

Honour in the Arts Award

SD 23 Bursaries

SD 23 Certificates for Artistic Excellence

Honour in the Arts Award

The Honour in the Arts are two award categories that the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan lobbied the City of Kelowna to create as a part of its Civic Awards program. In existence since 1974 due to ARTSCO’s efforts, these two award categories honour those who have made significant and/or unique contributions to the community.

The Honour is the Arts Award

is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in their community through cultural and/or artistic efforts.

The Teen Honour in the Arts Award

is awarded to a youth, between the ages of 13 – 19, who has made an outstanding contribution in Kelowna through cultural and/or artistic efforts.

Civic Award Winners

Teen Honour in the Arts – Winners

2015 – Lauren Maier
2014 – Antony Knight
2013 – Mandy Jong
2012 – Quinn Bates
2011 – Hayley Manlove

2010 – Grace Kim
2009 – Haley Blais
2008 – Evan Kascak
2007 – Chad Abrahamson
2006 – Melissa Wilmot

2004 – Joshua Ferguson
2003 – Devin Roth
2002 – Mitchell Howanyk
2001 – Greg Sawisky
2000 – Meaghan McRae


Honour in the Arts – Winners

2015 – Rosemary Thomson
2014 – Jennifer Schell
2013 – Glenna Turnbull
2012 – Anna Jacyszyn
2011 – Nathan Flavel
2010 – Quinn Best
2009 – Randy Leslie
2008 – George Cwiklewski
2007 – Wendy McCracken
2006 – Gayle Liman
2005 – Neal Faces
2004 – Hugh Parsons
2003 – Roslyn Frantz
2002 – Rod Charlesworth

2001 – Dr. Jayne Brooks
2000 – Alice Hargreaves
1999 – Marina and Harold Pettman
1998 – Gayle Stevenson
1997 – Fran Gebhard
1996 – Michael Griffin & Denise Nahirney
1995 – Deborah Helf
1994 – Ella Hapi
1993 – Colleen Kelly and Marnie Sullivan
1992 – Val Bardot
1991 – John Deschner
1990 – Maev Brennan
1989 – Wendy & Warren Sparks
1988 – Penny Venables

1987 – Doug & Barb Leadbetter
1986 – Pear Slater
1985 – Lynne Atkinson
1984 – Stuart Gordon
1982 – Mary McIntosh and Kay Smith
1981 – Arthur Lo and Linda Tait
1980 – Leslie Hopton and Linda Zimmerman
1979 – Bill Bennett and Jan Woinoski
1978 – Marjorie Denroche and Lloyd Hooper
1977 – Mary Bull
1976 – J. Garfield McKinley and Margot MaLaughlin

1975 – Wally W. Drinkwater, Muriel Ffoulkes, Oliver Jackson, Gwen Lamont, Gweneth Lloyd, Amy Lobb and Roy Lobb
1974 – Elaine Cameron, Christine DeHart, Helen Duke, Janet Graham, Mary Irwin, Emily Pritchard and Blanche Simpson

SD 23 Bursaries

The Arts Council of the Central Okanagan generously donates bursaries annually to students who have demonstrated talent and interest in the arts, and who intend to pursue an education in the field.

Every year Artsco gives out a pair of scholarships through the Central Okanagan Bursary & Scholarship Society (COBSS). This year, we are profiling the pair of successful applicants after interviewing them at the RCA.

Carmen Bouvier

Carmen Bouvier is interested in pursuing concept art. She uses pencil crayon as her primary medium and enjoys experimenting with patterns and designs based off of Aboriginal artwork. Next year, she’ll be going to UBCO for the Aboriginal Access program and taking fine arts once that is complete. Long term, she is interested in pursuing a career in concept and storyboard art. She would like to say to any high school students considering art: It’s worth it!

Read the full interview here.


Quinn Bissett

Quinn Bissett draws and paints, mostly focusing on sketching and cartoon art. He enjoys exploring art in its simplest form and is now branching out into paint mediums. Quinn believes that whatever career path he takes will involve his drawing, and is looking into studying animation at Okanagan College.

Read the full interview here.

Previous COBBS Winners


Sydney Powers (OKM)

Abigail Thompson (KSS)


Jenna Sweet Reimer (MBS)


Mikayla Joness (IRHS)

Jonathan Denton (OKM)


Simon Edwards (OKM)

Jennifer Pilz (RSS)

Marcus Kliewer (KCS)


Stephanie Ling (KSS)

Richelle Seaword (KCS)


Adrian Duceac (RSS)

Amber Chao (RSS)

Emily Geen (GES)


Jessica Fortin (MBS)

Jardin McAlpine (RSS)


Carly Rumell (RSS)

Brittani Pearen (KSS)


Jennifer Schaad (KSS)

Ingrid Hanson (KSS)


Amy Grant (MBS)

Shawna Pikes (MBS)


Serena Parmar (KSS)

Chelsea Wilson (RSS)


Calla Evans (KSS)

Philip Armstrong (KSS)


Lindsay McCray (GES)

Coby Woods (GES)

Laura Feeny (KSS)

Michael Hegenbarth (KSS)

Scott Powell (KSS)

Nicole Jeanine Brown (KSS)

Meghan Braem (KSS)

Kelsey Margaret Rieger (SVS)

Randy Lee (SVS)

Matthew McGale (SVS)


Andrea Mattson (KLO)

Andrea Pearson (KSS)

Lindsay Cooper (KSS)

Lisa Paynter (KSS)

Suzanne Johnson (KSS) [Unclaimed]

Shawn Talbot (KSS) [Unclaimed]

Alma Androvic (RSS)

Lindsay Favell (RSS)

Heather O’Hare (OKM)

Sarah Numada (SVS)


Steven Bedard (OKM)

Sally Midtal (KSS)

Noah Evans (KSS)

Elizabeth Wocks (KSS)

Halle Stephens (KSS)

Michael Shannon (OKM)

Lisa Soderberg (RSS)

Nathan Lester (RSS)

Jocelyn Carlson (MBS)

John Beales (OKM)



Honour in the Arts – Certificate for Achievements of Excellence in the Arts

presented by the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan (ARTSCO)

to Grade 11 & 12 students in School District #23

The Certificate for Achievements of Excellence in the Arts program is a recognition program for students in Grades 11 & 12 who demonstrate excellence and commitment in the pursuit of their studies in the arts.

A career in the arts begins early. To this end, ARTSCO has revived and re-visioned its youth recognition program to offer Grade 11 and 12 students with meaningful recognition in the arts from which they can begin building their professional resumes for future work in the arts.

The recognition categories are in line with ARTSCO’s Okanagan Arts Awards, an annual award program for emerging and practicing artists in the Central Okanagan, and reflect real-world criteria for those working in the arts.

Teachers are asked to submit up to 4 candidates for each category of recognition – 2 in Grade 11 and 2 in Grade 12. If there are no suitable candidates for any particular category, teachers need not submit.

Candidate names are to be put forth based on the following criteria:

Recognition Categories:

Visual Art: 2D/3D – drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, digital

Dance: ballet, tap, contemporary, urban, break dance, etc.

Theatre: acting, directing, writing 

Music: singing, songwriting, performance

Literature: prose, verse, fiction, non-fiction, analog/digital

Applied Art: pottery, fashion, jewelry, furniture, industrial design, graphic design, tattoo design, makeup artistry

Time Based Media: video, film, animation, video games, interactive

2017 Recipients

Visual Arts

Seoyeon Kim (KSS)
Bobbie-Jo MacMillan (RSS)
Madison van der Gulik (RSS)
Adrianna Singleton (RSS)
Emily Loban (GESS)
Kathy Meraw (GESS)
Megan Hanson (OKM)
Alice Bolton (OKM)
Shannon Brown (OKM)
Allie Cook (OKM)


Bjorn Kriel (MBSS)
Matthew Vrabic (MBSS)
Skye Miller (MBSS)
Amina Bajramovic (MBSS)
Jacob Thomas (OKM)
Kristian Oppenheim (OKM)
Will Oxtoby (OKM)
Andrew Kates (OKM)
Curtis Hamm (KSS)
Jordan Manderioli (KSS)
Griffin Hodge (KSS)
Alexander Argatoff (KSS)
Brodie Jones (KSS)

Applied Arts

Kendel Akune (RSS)
Bryn Kipnis (KSS)
Shae Fraser (GESS)


Miriam Hohl (KSS)
Gillian Smith (KSS)

Time-Based Media

Connor Dow (GESS)


Julia Chambers (KSS)



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