Artsco Bursary Winners 2017

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Every year, Artsco awards two scholarship to through the Central Okanagan Bursaries and Scholarship Society (COBSS) to aid their pursuit in a career in the arts. This year, we interviewed the recipients to discuss their passions, goals, and experiences in the arts. We would like to introduce you to the two exceptional high school graduates from the class of 2017 who were awarded with our COBSS Honour in the Arts scholarship. Keep an eye out in the community for the future of their amazing talent!

Quinn Bissett

Quinn Bissett draws and paints, mostly focusing on sketching and cartoon art. He enjoys exploring art in its simplest form and is now branching out into paint mediums. Quinn believes that whatever career path he takes will involve his drawing, and is looking into studying animation at Okanagan College.


Talk about an experience in art class that was valuable for you?

The first time I really thought my art was good was when I had done a self-portrait sketch in class, and my teacher asked “Can I frame this and put it up at the Kelowna Art Gallery?” so I said sure. I was under the influence that I was going to get it back when it was done but she had taken it home and put it up in her house. It was funny because I then realized that what I was doing was good. I didn’t really think much of it, even though people were telling me my work was good but I guess you don’t really know what you’re doing is good until someone steals it.


Why do you think art classes are important in high school?

Teachers are embracing more of the arts in class and understanding that it is relevant in this day and age. You might get the support that you wouldn’t otherwise get if you didn’t take the classes and whether you like it or not they are teaching you important skills that can be a nice push if you feel like you want to draw and paint but don’t know really know some techniques that help you along.



Carmen Bouvier

Carmen Bouvier is interested in pursuing concept art. She uses pencil crayon as her primary medium and enjoys experimenting with patterns and designs based off of Aboriginal artwork. Next year, she’ll be going to UBCO for the Aboriginal Access program and taking fine arts once that is complete. Long term, she is interested in pursuing a career in concept and storyboard art. She would like to say to any high school students considering art: It’s worth it!


Talk about an experience in art class that was valuable for you?

I met a lot of my friends and people in art class and they really shaped me to be the person I am today. There are no words I can use to thank them for that. Mr. Mayer (Kelowna Secondary School) really helped me out. I had him for all three grades of High School. He’s the best!


Why do you think art classes are important in high school?

In my case, it’s the only thing I’ve really been focused on. It brings me joy, it’s what i’m good at and it’s what I love to do. If there wasn’t a class for it at school, I’d make every class art class and keep drawing more in every other class.


Who are your artistic influences?

My grandma. She’s the only other “arsty” one in the family. She paints realistic stuff and does really nice sketches. She sketched my mom and my dad and we have that big drawing framed in our living room. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents so I guess that really influenced me.