Bev Gordon at the Mission Library

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Mission Branch  of the Okanagan Regional Library4105 Gordon Dr., Kelowna

Bev Gordon moved to the Okanagan in 2000 after studying art in Vancouver .  In her current works, she is focusing on adhering to selecting a dominant hue before begins painting and sticking to it, using only a few colours and a tiny bit of chroma. No matter how much she may want to add a touch of green, a dab of blue, or just a bit of yellow or anything that could possibly help her out of her immediate dilemma, she resists, telling herself to go back to her original choices as they will solve problems far better than picking something out of the hat. She asks herself “What is it that I really want to express?” and “How do I get there?” By focusing on these questions the viewer gets to the answers quicker. Feeling that everything in a painting must cross over the finish line is an errant thought for her. Some things are never meant to come to an end, and it takes careful contemplation to choose what is important and what is not.