The Making of the 2016 Okanagan Arts Awards

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The 2016 Okanagan Arts Awards award sculptures were created through a collaborative art project between the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan, the Cool Arts Society, and previous Okanagan Arts Awards winners and nominees. Under the direction of lead Artist Lucie Parent, the artists began the project by sketching out their ideas while reflecting on […]

Carmen Papalia’s “Blind Field Shuttle”

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Carmen Papalia’s “Blind Field Shuttle” has been described as an¬†exploration of “the topic of access as it relates to public space, the Art¬†institution, and visual culture” and on July 12th, the non-visual walking tour came to Kelowna. Papalia began the tour with a brief description of the goal of the project – to allow individuals […]

Carmen Papalia – Eyes-Closed Blind Field Shuttle, July 12

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Carmen Papalia designs experiences that invite those involved to expand their perceptual mobility and claim access to public and institutional spaces. Often requiring trust and closeness, these engagements disorient the participant and introduce new modes of orientation that allow for perceptual and sensorial discovery. Each walking tour, collaborative performance, public intervention, museum project and art […]