Exhibition NameExhibition Description
The Collective BodyCreated by Neil Cadger, Miles Thorogood, Aleksandra Dulic, Lin Snelling and Andrew Stauffer with support from UBC Okanagan students Chloe Chang and Ryan Broadbent, The Collective Body is a unique nightly outdoor projection series showcasing dancers, body parts and musicians from across North America at downtown Kelowna’s Rotary Centre for the Arts (421 Cawston Ave.) 
Storytellers (November 2020 – April 2021)Part of the “Art is you make of it” series – featuring Jude Clarke, Danielle Krysa and Richard Brodeur.  Their videos are included in the exhibition, playing in a loop in the gallery. This rotating exhibition features works from local Okanagan artists, beginning in November with works by Richard Brodeur, Danielle Krysa, and Jude Clarke and switching in February to feature the works of three new artists. Each featured artist has been chosen to display artwork based on stories of transition, change and the process of waking up and stepping out of a place of darkness and rest toward one of growth and renewal.
Posted (November 2020 – January 2021)Victoria Verge’s work is grounded in her upbringing as a military child. The modern role of the military takes on new meaning in Verge’s work which narrows its focus on the modern “home-front” and the “subculture” that is to be found on Canadian Forces Bases across the country.
Creative Work (October 2020 – January 2021)ARTSCO has formed a community partnership with the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.  Creative Work celebrates 3 faculty members; Katherine Pickering, Briar Craig, Patrick Lundeen and Connor Charlesworth.
Celestial Bodies (February 1st-12th 2021)Celestial Bodies is a multicultural creation of animated media that tell ancient astrological stories, exploring the belief systems that make up Canadian and Indigenous society’s diverse fabric. The multimedia projection shows animated images of star stories— alongside world-class cross-cultural music.

The Arts Council of the Central Okanagan believes that the arts are the soul of every community and make a significant contribution to their social, physical, and economic well-being. Committed to providing on-going support to the development of the arts in the Central Okanagan, ARTSCO continues to advocate community arts education and arts awareness by providing and supporting artistic programming , events and opportunities.

ARTSCO’s diverse programming addresses a wide variety of interest areas, which include: children, youth groups, students, families, businesses, and educational institutions. ARTSCO’s community programs and events span all art forms, such as visual, literary, performing, and music.


Number of people that are targeted: approx. 345,000   

Number of people that will participate: approx. 2,175 per annum

Number of people that will benefit from programming and the services it provides: approx. 345,206 


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