Plan & Progress Your Writing Project

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Plan & Progress Your Writing Project—
First Seminar of 2015 at Curious Beyond Words School of Writing


Date & Time: Saturday, January 10, 11am-3pm

Place: small meeting room, 2nd floor, downtown Kelowna library

Price: $55 in advance, $60 at class

Instructor: Dona Sturmanis

More information, registration instructions:


This is the first of four monthly sessions geared to people planning to complete a writing project this year…novel, memoir, non-fiction book, short story collection, screenplay, children’s book, article writing career. These monthly sessions will help participants make significant progress on writing projects they’re working on or wish to work on.


They’ll discover:


+Whether their intended project is what they REALLY want to do

+How to write a thumbnail precis (elevator speech!) of their project, pinpointing key guiding points

+How to plan and progress on their project: the steps to take

+Suggestions and solutions for moving forward


Through the monthly workshops, participants’ projects will get feedback from the group on its potential and how it can best be carried out for success. Subsequent sessions are dedicated to checking on progress. Each session, participants will make a commitment to have a certain amount done by the next session.


If some work on a writing project has already been done, participants are requested to bring a sample. If it is just an idea, those are welcome for discussion as well.


CONTACT:  Dona Sturmanis, 778-214-6318[email protected]