Okanagan Social Impact Day of Learning

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This event is open to small business, social business, social enterprise, community organizations, economic developers, non-profit business, B-corps, Aboriginal business, social entrepreneurs and intermediaries that support these organizations and more!  Everyone is welcome!  This will be a great opportunity to network with close to 100 colleagues and learn from each other!

Did you know May is Social Enterprise Month?  Please join us and/or spread the word about this Okanagan Day of Learning: May 5, 2015.

In 2013, 17 non-profit social enterprises in the Okanagan region responded to a research survey.  That sample of 17 social enterprises generated more than $11.1m in income, approximately 61% from the sale of goods or services; they employed over 170 people, a majority from targeted communities; they provided services to over 82,800 people and they had over 605 volunteers.

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