Sage Sidley at Kelowna Community Theatre

Sage Sidley 

Located at Kelowna Community Theatre – 1375 Water Street


Originally from Rossland B.C., Sage Sidley completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from U.B.C. Okanagan with a major in visual arts and a minor in mathematics. Presently, she works with the ideas of place and time in connection with portraiture and site-specific drawings.

Sage believes that once an artwork is physically connected to a space, the line between space and artwork becomes blurred. Her work involves the themes of place, time, and memory in the context of site-specificity and street art ideologies. Site-specific work transforms the idea of the gallery space from a utilitarian place into an actual extension of the artwork. She is interested in site-specificity in relation to sculptural and postmodern theories, and the role of the art gallery. Specifically, she is intrigued by street-artists’ art for all message, as it takes ownership of one’s space within a community and what the community stands for.

The subjects in her drawings are connected to the space and to Sage as the artist. Extending their portraits into the space emphasizes the space as part of their identities and memories. Likewise, the space has the imprint of their presence. Her method of drawing directly on the wall plays with this idea and the ideas of ephemerality, reality and perception of time. Her work involves the physical adaptation of the picture frame as a malleable, imaginative space.

Sage is interested in connecting the moment of documentation, and the present space and time the work is viewed. Each portrait is a compilation of instants that has surrounded the captured moment represented at the time of its creation, and encompasses the time spent engaged with the subject and the space. Through the personal process of documentation the artist subject relationship is bridged through the subject and present space to the viewer.