#KelownaVotes 2018

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One of the Arts Councils of the Central Okanagan’s (ARTSCO) core values is to advocate for the arts and culture community.

ARTSCO is an active part of a multitude of arts-related causes and ventures and are committed to assisting our members in ways that will help them (and their work) thrive, succeed, and be handled fairly in all situations. With municipal elections happening on October 20th, we believe is important to bring awareness to the candidate’s position on arts, culture, diversity & inclusion.

Disclosure: ARTSCO does not support or endorse any of the candidates running for office. The order of candidates below is in the order for which we received their responses to the four questions. ARTSCO has not edited or adjusted the candidates’ responses in any way.

To learn more about the election and where to vote please visit the City of Kelowna’s website.

To view a video of the live stream of the Mayoral Debate:

Questions asked of candidates:

  • In what ways have you recently participated in arts and culture in Kelowna? Can you speak to its value both personally and to the community?
  • Many artists have felt excluded from the predominantly Caucasian art community in Kelowna. How have you promoted the artworks and achievements of these marginalized communities, especially those of indigenous backgrounds?
  • How have you championed employment, and other, opportunities for people with disabilities in Kelowna?
  • Have you, or would you if elected, marched in the Kelowna Pride Parade? Why or why not?
  • Please summarize your commitment to arts, culture, diversity and inclusion in Kelowna.

Candidate Responses Received*:

*Updates are made to this post once per day. Last update was Sun, Oct 14 @ 8:50PM.