Jackie Deck, Alecia Dyck, Charlotte Nelson, and Victoria Moore at the Downtown Kelowna Library

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This exhibition features artwork from this year’s graduating class of Visual Artists at UBC Okanagan. Each artist’s work is based on a research theme topical to contemporary society, including identity, culture, memory and the environment. Visit the Okanagan Regional Library in Downtown Kelowna to explore the interactions between community and art as investigated by these emerging artists.


Jackie Deck deals with ideas surrounding the psychological processes of human beings in relation to their surroundings and environment. This may be translated as either a person’s direct response to occurrences in the environment or the environment’s reaction to human behaviours. In other words, her work analyses human-environment relationships. Jackie is interested in the process of interpretation of one’s surroundings, how people respond to trauma, turbulent emotions and psychological distress caused by external turbulent emotions and psychological distress caused by external forces, and the highly influential control of our subconscious.



Born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Jackie has recently completed her BFA at University of British Columbia, Okanagan, and continues to pursue her fine art practice. Presently, she explores the dynamic relationship between the natural world and man-made modern life; working mainly with painting and accompanying sculpture.



Alecia Dyck is fascinated by the syncretism that can be found within culture and her work focuses on recognizing how our ideas of the world came to be. Through the use of recognizable symbols and a linear narrative rendered in a bright and playful aesthetic, her work creates a storybook-like space within which we can question world-views in simplified terms.

Alecia is a student from the University of British Columbia’s Fine Arts program. While maintaining a research art practice she also works as a designer for Martketer inc. a marketing and design agency in Kelowna. To see more of Alecia’s work, visit ajdk.ca


Charlotte Nelson is a visual artist who works in multiple mediums including photography, drawing, video and digital media. Her latest works explore themes of environmentalism, conservation, deep ecology and (eco)phenomenology through a series of drawings. This series focuses on the relationship between human beings and other expressions of life in southern British Columbia specifically. This series of drawings strongly aligns with Arne Naess’s philosophy of Deep Ecology, which recognizes the belief that the environment and all expressions of life within it should be respected, and should have an inalienable right to live and flourish regardless of it’s benefit to humans.


Victoria Moore is an Okanagan based visual artist, whose practice includes drawing, painting and various forms of digital media. Her body of work explores concepts of memory and time through the local Kelowna landscape. Victoria aims to blur the lines between present and past by exploring how memory changes our perception of place. In doing so, she places personal memory, present experience, and the historical context of the landscape side by side.

Victoria is in her final year of the BFA program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. In addition to her visual practice, she acts as freelance curator and leads art classes both privately and through educational institutions. Victoria is currently Exhibition Coordinator at the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan. To see more of her work, visit orchardsky.org