Giving the Gift of Local Art Multiplies the Meaning

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Giving artwork as a gift seems daunting but when done successfully, it goes beyond a lovely gesture and has impacts beyond just one simple present.

Whether its a handmade craft, food or fine art, giving art can be the most thoughtful thing you can do. It’s an opportunity to show how well you know the person receiving the present, and at the same time, you are also giving a gift to the artisan and your community.

Last month, during the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce’s State of the City 2018 Luncheon, Mayor Colin Basran was presented with a painting of Gord Downie (entitled “Yer Not The Ocean”) by talented local artist Bobby Vandenhoorn. Knowing that the Kelowna mayor is a huge fan of the band, The Tragically Hip, the Chamber knocked this gift out of the park.

“Receiving Bobbie’s painting from the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce was an incredible moment. As a big fan of the Tragically Hip and Gord Downie, as well as the Okanagan’s talented local artists, I can’t imagine accepting a more thoughtful gift,” said Mayor Basran.

Buying from local artists increases community prosperity and is an investment in the Kelowna community. While artists themselves are not always naturally great at sales, an opportunity like this one empowers and enlivens them.

“You never really know where an ARTSCO art show will take you. One day you are installing art for ARTSCO’s Artscape program in a boardroom, and the next you are on stage presenting your purchased piece to the Mayor of Kelowna, in a packed banquet room! It was a once in a lifetime moment which I was lucky to experience,” said artist, Bobby Vandenhoorn.

Investing in local artists can build and enrich a community. Artists are essentially small local businesses, and the character of a community is defined by the unique art of the area and can only exist with continued local support.

Check out current artists on display at Artscape locations, or any number of exhibitions or events in our community to get inspired for when you next want to give a meaningful gift.