Clea Haugo, Ginger Albrecht, Jaclyn Locking, Kait Serafin & Rae Imeson at the Downtown Library

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Located at the Downtown Library 1380 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A2


Rae Imeson creates artwork about her own feelings, her own body, and her own space. She moved to Kelowna in June 2015. Though she lived with her partner and had many wonderful friendships, it was a time of loneliness and investigation. She worked to understand who she was without the town and home she had lived in for 22 years before coming to Kelowna.  It was important to orient herself in the new space she was in, understand it and what it meant. Rae has attempted to document this investigation with photos of her new home and her possessions inhabiting that space. She has done this through colour film and Polaroid photography.

Before her move to Kelowna, she also created art that investigated the self. Rae created a body of work about voyeurism and the male gaze by creating images of her own body. She sees these images as subverting the idea of the male gaze because the images were created for her own gaze, for the purpose of herself seeing how her body looks in photographs, while also as a tool to present her ideas to others. The process of creating this body of work was a journey for Rae, learning about her own body and reactions to it, as well as exploring how to express her own views about the world and feminism.




Kait Serafin’s art practice is inspired by a combination of skills she has learned form both traditional art media and makeup application. She loves to draw or paint a portrait, then add cosmetics to the pieces afterwards. Another approach she takes is to complete make up application on her own model, photograph said model, and then use those photos as a reference for her next painting or drawing.

Kait finds society’s obsession with beauty extremely fascinating. She constantly explores new cosmetic trends and styles in order to keep a current outlook on popular culture. This way, her work is always fresh and desirable.

Her work emphasizes the use of bold lines, vibrant colour and attractive imagery. Andy Warhol’s exploitation of common object and societal phases is an inspiration for her style – she hopes to achieve some of that Pop Art flare within her artwork.



Jaclyn Locking has always been drawn to vivid bright colours, and abstract patterns. She mainly works in watercolour and ink. To create her art pieces, she builds abstract bursts of colour, layer after layer and tops it off with a very detailed inked focal point, usually an animal. She finds animals and nature absolutely fascinating, and my eyes loves to explore the detailed line work in old textbook diagrams.

With every piece Jaclyn creates, her goal is to attract eyes, encourage smiles and warm hearts. There is nothing more satisfying to her than giving someone a piece of art and seeing their face light up when they look at it for the first time. She is “addicted” to that positive energy, and it fuel her to create more and more.







Ginger Albrecht has always had a need for art supplies. When she was a child, sketchbooks, notebooks and binders were treasured items as she collected and collaged her favorite bits onto the pages. These days, her sketchbook collection is still goingstrong. She fills them with drawings inspired by the beautiful elements of daily life.

Ginger lets curiosity drive both the subject and the mediums that she uses in her art. She appreciate the bits of beauty that appear in every day life and tries to make art that celebrates that.








Clea Haugo has recently relocated to Kelowna and is currently Registrar at the Kelowna Art Gallery. In 2003 she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a joint major in Studio Art and Art History from Concordia University in Montreal. In 2008 she attained an Advanced Honours Diploma in Applied Museum Studies from Algonquin College in Ottawa. In the past she has been co-founder of an arts collective and a participating artist featured in the Nuit Blanche festival of arts and culture in Montreal. She does custom illustration, designs calendars and greeting cards. She is also a practicing mixed media artist fascinated by urban decay and industrial history, and has exhibited her work in galleries in Quebec and Ontario.

Clea was motivated to create this body of work after a trip to Miami. She was struck by the many art deco hotels lining south beach -which have either been gentrified, are in a state of decay, or are now obsolete. she aims to present familiar and nameless settings, like the forgotten downtown hotel, as a sort of portrait, in order to explore the implied human relationship to architectural spaces.