Brandy Barry, Chris Waneck, Gail Hodgson, June Seed and Elyse Selig at the Downtown Library

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Brandy Barry-Wyatt was born in 1974 in Edmonton Alberta. She is a self-taught contemporary artist with education at The Centre for Arts and Technology for 3D animation. Brandy has been practising art since the young age of 9 and started with the love of horses. Brandy spent several years travelling along with music festivals, selling small art designs or doing temporary tattooing. She has lived in many places including Edmonton, Calgary, a couple of years overseas and since 2003 Kelowna, BC.

Her current body of acrylic work is designed to capture the beauty of animals, also touching on a bit of silliness at times.

Exploring these avenues allows the opportunity to capture the quirky side of all creatures alike and ultimately give the viewer a joyful fun experience. Perhaps even start a conversation!


Chris Waneck is an aspiring Kelowna artist who recently self-published three editions of colouring books for adults, using her own pen and ink images.

Needing more colour in her life, she began painting with acrylic on canvas in January of 2017. The paintings that Chris has on display are all about the joy of vibrant colours and aim to energize the viewer.

To inquire about Chris’ paintings, colouring books, and other works contact her at [email protected].


Elyse Selig paints boldly and directly.  Interpreting the subject through all of her senses, she attempts to convey the subject’s essence and energy to the viewer. The element of texture is an integral component in her work, using various techniques, media (watercolour, gouache, casein, acrylic), and pigments. Textural materials may be added to the support before the start of the painting. Elyse often exaggerates geometric shapes within forms or in the overall composition. Her work has transcended from realism to an ethereal abstractive style. Elyse wishes to produce a compelling story that awakens the viewer’s senses.

Elyse is an emerging artist living and working in Kelowna and Vernon. Building on her natural talents of design in the domains of fashion, home and gardening, she now devotes as much time as possible each day to her art practice.


Gail Hodgson has always been fascinated by the question; ‘What is life?’ She explores her discoveries by creating paintings
with a unique abstract style. In 2005 she created a series of paintings that she called
Innerverse. The Innerverse series explored and expanded her abstract flavour by combining reflection on quantum sciences with mystical images. This became the foundation for her subsequent expression of this style of abstract art.

As a Graduate of Grant MacEwan University in Visual Communications Graphic Design in 1988, she found her way to Kelowna and soon after, started her design business called Gail Hodgson Interior Artist. This unique art and design business specializes in oversize wall and ceiling murals, wall textures and custom art as well as interior decorating. Her work has been featured in many award-winning homes in the Okanagan. Gail has also been successful in designing logos, websites, and branding for commercial clients. To see more of her work, visit Gail on Facebook, Instagram, or on her website.


June Seed’s approach to working in art is constantly changing and she prefers it that way. She enjoys challenging herself with new techniques and mediums.

In the past, she has spent time with watercolours then pen and ink, then oils and more recently acrylic paints.  There are really are no limits to the things you can incorporate into painting and she likes to experiment.

For example, she will take a canvas, large or small, and float water and inks onto it to produce a free-form background and based on those forms she will build a painting…using bright colours.  It could be an abstract, a collage or a themed painting. Recently she has been experimenting with transfer techniques and applying them to abstracts and collages like the ones on display here.