2017 School District 23 Achievement of Excellence Awards

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This year, we have revitalized our Achievement of Excellence in the Arts awards for grade 11 and 12 students in School District 23 demonstrating excellence and commitment in the pursuit of their studies in art. This program provides meaningful recognition to students who have exceeded expectations in their school community as artists showing great potential, personal initiative, and leadership. A career in the arts often begins early, and it is our hope that these exceptional students can use this award to reaffirm their confidence in an arts career and to begin building a professional resume.

The recognition categories are in line with ARTSCO‚Äôs Okanagan Arts Awards, an annual award program for emerging and practicing artists in the Central Okanagan, which accurately reflects real-world criteria for those working in the arts. Teachers nominate students working in visual arts, music, applied arts, time-based media, dance, theatre, and literature. Here is the list of this year’s talented recipients:

Visual Arts

Seoyeon Kim (KSS)
Bobbie-Jo MacMillan (RSS)
Madison van der Gulik (RSS)
Adrianna Singleton (RSS)
Emily Loban (GESS)
Kathy Meraw (GESS)
Megan Hanson (OKM)
Alice Bolton (OKM)
Shannon Brown (OKM)
Allie Cook (OKM)


Bjorn Kriel (MBSS)
Matthew Vrabic (MBSS)
Skye Miller (MBSS)
Amina Bajramovic (MBSS)
Jacob Thomas (OKM)
Kristian Oppenheim (OKM)
Will Oxtoby (OKM)
Andrew Kates (OKM)
Curtis Hamm (KSS)
Jordan Manderioli (KSS)
Griffin Hodge (KSS)
Alexander Argatoff (KSS)
Brodie Jones (KSS)

Applied Arts

Kendel Akune (RSS)
Bryn Kipnis (KSS)
Shae Fraser (GESS)


Miriam Hohl (KSS)
Gillian Smith (KSS)

Time-Based Media

Connor Dow (GESS)


Julia Chambers (KSS)