Natasha Harvey and Nicole Young at the OC College Library

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1000 K.L.O Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8

Nastash Harvey – Artist Statement

Natasha Harvey is an artist and art educator. She holds bachelors degrees in Fine Arts and Education from UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver. Natasha has been painting since she was 5 years old. She creates mixed media works, exploring both the abstract and figurative worlds. Her paintings are purely abstract, while her collage works use an existing image as a starting point. Natasha believes that the process of painting is equally as important as the completed work of art. Her works are neither controlled nor contrived. Inspiration for her works comes from her daily live, nature, pop culture, fantasy, billboards and a variety of current interests and experiences.

Nicole Young – Artist Statement

Nicole Young received her BFA in painting and art history from UBC Okanagan in 2015 and studied fine arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. Nicole works primarily with acrylic paint and textiles, using her background in the fashion industry to help her develop unique colour schemes and material choices. Her current works are narrative in nature, focusing on the documentation of people and moments using non-traditional methods. Textiles add another dimension to the layers of a painting that cannot be achieved simply through mark making, colours, lines and layers. Nicole selects her colour schemes based on the fabrics she uses and paints intuitively, balancing controlled and more accidental movements.