Mary Walker

Visual Art | West Kelowna
[email protected]
Mary is a Quilling artist based in West Kelowna. Upon retirement she decided to pursue the Lost Art of Quilling. Her goal was to bring quilling back to its glory from the 13th century in Italy. Her goal has been achieved. Quilling is now made with special edge rolled paper. If you do not use this; then you are creating filigree which was and still is a craft in Eygpt Sold in many countries and shown in New York. Mary has learnt and developed various art skills. Paper cutting, leave cutting, pointillism, water colour and acrylic. She creates art on various objects that have been lost to our modern world. Photography is still her first love and she is often inspired to embellish with it. She creates 3D Pieces and has been working on a gigantic 3D "Edifice" since 2009. May you enjoy her unique , not so Lost , art.