Liz Ranney at Dr. Grover

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Liz Ranney

Located at Dr. Grover Dental – 205 – 1626 Richter St.


Liz Ranney’s work explores new ways to represent expression and energy in both portraiture and abstraction. Her current process is the layering of images digitally to use as source material for her paintings. Liz’s work is focused on themes of connection, interaction, expression, timelines, and division. She also focuses on the subtlety of paint bodies in her work; “the viscosity and differences in surface textures and sheens, and the layering of bright and bold color to accentuate depth and richness”. Liz often experiments with mixed media in her paintings, combining drawing materials with paint to balance the two contrasting mediums of wet and dry. She explores unusual color combinations in her portraiture; “Ones that you wouldn’t normally find in natural skin tones. I am interested in developing my brush techniques to balance opposing ways of mark making, creating areas of high detail and line work in contrast with areas of calm. I am pursuing a new process to fully express my style, and a language that will accurately portray the way I see imagery in my mind.”  Liz uses a range of materials including acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, drawing materials, paper, and fabric.


Liz Ranney is a contemporary painter, digital media artist, illustrator, and instructor. She infuses her artwork with bright and bold color and explores ideas of connection, interaction, expression, timelines, and division. She graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2012 from UBC Okanagan, and works primarily as a portrait artist, combining mixed media with traditional techniques and contemporary imagery.  Ranney currently instructs art classes and workshops at the Kelowna Art Gallery, and has taught at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, CMHA, and heART school Kelowna.  Some of Liz Ranney’s most recent projects include a solo painting exhibition in Toronto, ON. (Jane Roos Gallery), large scale murals in the Okanagan in collaboration with her husband Dylan Ranney (Ranney Creative), and artworks commissioned for local companies, writers, and musicians.