Lisa Hewitt and Toby Wesenberg at Aubin & Associates

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#203 135 33 Highway E., Kelowna, BC V1X 2A1

Lisa Hewitt – Artist Statement

my ideas and dreams to life. I often wake in the middle of the night to paint, the drive to lay it all on the canvas is immediate. My work is non-representational mised media. Sources of stimulus or inspiration can come from passages I have read, quotes, nature and contemporary artists such as Cody Hooper, Nina Tichava and Christian Hazel. Always utilising quality materials, I approach the blank canvas with random mark making, texture with collage or mediums, and flourishes of colour with acrylics.

Applying layer upon layer of paint and ink, I scratch, scrub and excavate to create a sensual, evocative surface. The final painting will emerge from this. Currently, I am challenging myself with more deliberation, less spontaneity and a slowing down for contemplation. My intention for the viewer is for them to attach their own individual story or perception to the piece.


Toby Wesenberg – Artist Statement

Colour, texture, emotion and intuition. I make art to express what inspires me, what affects me, and what moves me. It is often a reflection of my life or state of mind, while at other times it is a goal or hope that drives me to strive towards. Making art is largely an intuitive process for me – I got with an idea, a feeling, and some music, and see what evolves. Simply stated, I make art I want to look at, that makes me think or wonder, and often has no clear answer. I also often make art whose textures dare the viewer to touch or invite them into a surreal world where subjectivity rules. I work primarily with acrylics on canvas, sometimes with ink, oil or aqua dispersion, and often with other materials such as fabric, sand, pebbles, tissue, paper, spackle, and other oddball materials or objects that strike me as interesting or beautiful.

View more of my work at and on Instagram @tobywesenberg