Kyle Zsombor at Kelowna Tickets

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Located in the Orchard Park Mall (near Sear Home Store entrance) – 2271 Harvey Ave, Kelowna

Kyle Zsombor  – Artist Statement

I am from Kelowna and have been exhibiting art work since 2002.  I have earned two university degrees from UBC-O, International Relations and Fine Arts.

I believe that Art is the ultimate version of International Relations, as Art can speak in all languages to any audience at once.

I enjoy currency trading and when the U.S Dollar depreciated around 2008, I thought that the U.S Dollar was so cheap that a Canadian artist could use it as collage material.

My art practice involves using common materials in uncommon ways. In this case, I am chopping real money up into un-spendable pieces instead of using it to buy other things.

I combine my passion for currency trading, international relations and art into money taxidermy.  Since the art work is actually made of money, I think it’s perfect for a shopping mall.

The four pieces chosen for this exhibition represent nations that have been stirring the political imagination of contemporary civilizations: China, Russia, Britain, and the United States.

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