Heather Yip and Julia Anderson at Okanagan College Library

On , In Artscape, Okanagan College Library

ARTSCO’s Artscape program is excited to present painting, linocut, and silkscreen by Julia Anderson and Heather Yip. These artists use vibrant, unconventional colour in an illustrative style. Animated storytelling is created within their art pieces.


Julia Anderson works with the physically demanding mediums of printmaking and drawing. She believes bringing greenery and other plants into a living space brings light and energy from the outdoors in. She enjoys integrating the idea of reusability of materials into her work, through the incorporation of found materials, collage and objects that decompose within nature. Exploring the preservation and lifespan of something that is not static brings forth the idea of looking at these “pretty objects” as specimen. Julia recently finished her second year of Visual Arts at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.





Heather Yip explores our obsession with texting, and in particular our use of the emoji. As a species she believes we are obsessed with our phones. As a result, perhaps our communication is more effective, it may make relationships stronger. Heather believes strongly in the power of creativity and its purpose in building a strong, imaginative and mentally healthy society. She works mostly with mixed media and acrylic paint. Before starting her own art practice, she worked as a visual art facilitator at a drop in centre for adults with mental illness as well as a visual art instructor at the Wildflower Arts Centre in Calgary, AB.