Heath Tait at Kelowna Tickets

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Located in the Orchard Park Mall (near Sear Home Store entrance) – 2271 Harvey Ave, Kelowna

Heath Tait 

Heath Tait is an artist and filmmaker with roots in Summerland, BC. He made elaborate high school horror videos employing special FX makeup, a combination of sculpture, mold making and painting techniques, to shock and delight.  Arts college would follow all whilst creating a complex animation short film in his spare time, Pictorial Forest.

The artwork comprising the film: rubber animation puppets derived from complex multi-piece molds, matte paintings and classical animation painted cels are all now for display.               

Heath continues his film pursuits with the ongoing documentary film series Vancouver Vagabond, following various subjects over a decade, the years straddling the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Pictorial Forest will be released alongside the VV series once complete. You may follow all “Heath Tait” films of the series online via his linkedin.com account & the Internet Movie database, here: www.imdb.me/heathtait


Artist Statement

All artwork is derived from Heath’s animation film odyssey Pictorial Forest, 1999: A bizarre trip through a magical land of strange creatures and small furry animals, this rockin’ multi-technique animation odyssey explores the haunting tale of Man, Beast and Earthly relations. Dedicated to Roger Waters’ 1969 soundscape “Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a Pict” UmmaGumma, Pink Floyd.