Colleen Gay & Shelley Bauer at the Okanagan College Library

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Colleen Gay & Shelley Bauer 

Located at the Okanagan Regional Library Mission Branch – 4105 Gordon Dr.




Colleen Gay is predominantly self taught and finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings, and through connecting and collaborating with other artists. She has been actively involved for the past three years with The South Art Project in the Mission; a collection of artists that meet weekly to create, encourage and inspire one another, and to promote the creative process andexposure of resulting art pieces to the community at large. Colleen is particularly drawn to impressionistic styles in painting, and tries to create pieces that reflect the inspiration of the moment.







Shelley Bauer describes herself as a very tactile person. Her art is a response to form and texture in a hands-on manner andwith a forge your own path attitude. She is unafraid to try out new methods and colors and is constantly acquiring knowledge regarding her art and herself. Shelley says that “Daily, my eyes continuously take in and record the fall of light, the depth of shadow and the reflection of color. I could probably paint for decades with just the images caught in my head.” She follows her natural instincts and feels comfortable in nature and the outdoors and uses this as her reference point, drawing upon this passion in her work. Most of her work will originate from her surroundings and the impressions it has made upon her.