Carmen Papalia’s “Blind Field Shuttle”

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Carmen Papalia’s “Blind Field Shuttle” has been described as an exploration of “the topic of access as it relates to public space, the Art institution, and visual culture” and on July 12th, the non-visual walking tour came to Kelowna. Papalia began the tour with a brief description of the goal of the project – to allow individuals an opportunity to exercise and focus on their non-visual senses –  before asking the 30 participants to line-up in a single file behind him.

Commencing at the Rotary Centre of the Arts, the tour took Papalia and company on a winding, non-visual adventure through Waterfront Park. Many participants, unfamiliar in a situation without visual information, initially found the walk unruly, but soon found their footing as a mutual trust began to form between each person in the line.

Upon completing the tour at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, Papalia held a Q&A to allow participants an opportunity to understand the intentions and aspirations of one of North America’s most powerful social practice artists.

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