Nominations for the 11th Annual Okanagan Arts Awards Open Winter 2017

Nominate an artist in the Central Okanagan for artistic excellence in:

Visual Art: 2D/3D: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, digital

Dance: performer, performance, choreographer or company

Theatre: producer, director, actor, specific production or company

Music: singing, songwriting, performance (individuals, groups), producer

Literature: prose, verse, fiction, non-fiction, analog/digital

Applied Art: pottery, fashion, jewelry, furniture, industrial design, graphic design, tattoo design, makeup artistry

Time Based Media: video,  film, animation, video games, interactive

Emerging Artist: recognition of artists who are early in their career, have produced a high-quality professional work,and demonstrate great potential for future work

Innovation: recognition of artists who push the boundaries of conventional practices in any artistic discipline

Art & Business: recognition of an individual, collective, or organisation that showcases a successful collaborative model for artistic and business excellence

Community Impact: recognition of an artistic endeavour or project that has impacted the whole of the Central Okanagan community

Business Supporter: recognition of a business which excels in their support and stewardship of the arts

Selection Criteria:

All nominees must:

Adjudication Criteria:

1) Public Presentation – work that has been publicly presented and acknowledged by cultural institutions, organizations or other outstanding practitioners (local,regional, national or international)

2) Peer Recognition – attained a level of artistic excellence in their chosen discipline as recognized and acknowledged by other practitioners in that same discipline

3) Community Engagement – how the community and  practitioner have previously and/or currently engage with each other – their ideas and their work – as demonstrated by any or all of the following:

4) Leadership – practitioner is recognized in the community as a leader in their discipline and/or nomination category

5) Extended Reach – how the artistic practitioner is putting the Central Okanagan on the map regionally, nationally and internationally.


The Arts Council of the Central Okanagan reserves the right to not put forth the names of 

any nominees that do not fulfill this criteria.


Jurying Process:

1. Open Nomination Process – 1st Round 

To ensure accessibility and easy public engagement,  the Okanagan Arts Awards uses an open nomination process to solicit nominations from the community at large. All that is needed is the person’s name, email and website / web presence to submit someone for nomination.

2. Pre-Nomination Jury

Artsco staff and a pre-nomination jury of up to 3 arts professionals vet the initial nominations to determine whether these nominations fit the nomination criteria (does the nominee reside in the Central Okanagan? Has the nominee been nominated in a suitable category?) If not, the pre-nomination jury will put the nominees into the suitable award category.

3. Nomination Packages – 2nd Round

Every Nominee that makes it through the pre-nomination screening is then asked to submit a nomination package, which consists of a CV / artist resume, Bio and examples of your work (images, video, audio).

4. Jurying – 1st Round 

Each jury member reviews 10 – 15 packages in their category of expertise.

5. Jurying – Final Round

A final jury of 5 – 7 jury members meet in person to review the packages that received the top scores in each category to determine the finalists and the winners of each category.

Selection of Jury Members:

Awards will be adjudicated by a committee of previous winners, artistic peers, and prominent community members of the Central Okanagan.

Previous winners may reside outside of the Central Okanagan District.

Jury members are not disclosed in advance of the Okanagan Arts Awards. In the event of a perceived conflict of interest, an alternate will replace the jury member in question. The jury will operate with strict confidentiality. All decisions are final. ARTSCO may screen nominations to verify eligibility.

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