Tara Kelly at the Mission Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library

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Tara Kelly’s body of work contains four principles and themes: isolation, facade, reality and imagination.  By incorporating the real and the imagined, she strives to reveal the truth that lies under outward appearances.  She uses isolation as a design element to place emphasis on her subjects, and to convey the emptiness of detachment.

Kelly has two approaches to her canvases. Firstly, her loose brushwork creates a bold statement, evoking an immediate visceral response. Secondly, by using deliberate and methodical application, she depicts subjects as she sees and imagines them.  These techniques, whether used separately or in combination result in compositions that are both visually impacting and appealing, and invite the viewer to look behind the picture that is presented.

See Tara Kelly’s exhibition at the Mission Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library from Oct. 30th to January 29th.