Kyle Zsomber at Kelowna Tickets

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Kyle Zsombor’s art practice involves using common materials in uncommon ways. He combines his passion for currency trading, international relations and art into the unique medium of money taxidermy. As the 3D collages are made of money, they are a particularly good fit for a shopping mall. The sculptures echo and relate to the money based space they are placed in.

Kyle enjoys currency trading and when the U.S Dollar depreciated around 2008, he thought that the U.S Dollar was so cheap that a Canadian artist could use it as collage material. This is when he began covering animal forms with money. His early pieces, Cash Cow and Bear Necessities, were a direct response to the metaphorical Bull and Bear of the financial market. The art displayed in this exhibition uses international currency to created iconic figures from that culture.

Kyle is from Kelowna and has been exhibiting artwork since 2002. He has earned two university degrees from UBCO: International Relations and Fine Arts. See more of Kyle’s artwork here