Kristiane Mirva, Hayley Mepham and Chris Wanek and at Interior Health

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Fascinated with the allure of water, what it symbolizes and the connection people have with it, Kristiane Mirva uses this interest as an inspiration for her art. She also finds inspiration in the unknown and is currently working on a series titled Afterlife. Much of her work is also inspired by the places she’s been, her spiritual curiosity, and her love of travel. Kristiane works in mixed media as well as resin and is most well-known for her galactic paintings and waterscapes.

Kristiane Mirva is a professionally trained abstract artist based in Kelowna BC, Canada. Kristiane graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan in 2003. During her university years, she worked as an assistant curator for the Alternator Gallery. And, in 1999, she was awarded the Kelowna and District Arts Council Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Hayley has benefitted from the rich cultural environment of the Island lifestyle. Now residing in the mountainous Okanagan, she’s flourished as an artist creating and selling customized paintings, and donating several pieces to silent auctions for charities such as the Canadian Cancer Society and Pathways Abilities Society.

Hayley’s love for abstract stems from the desire to break free from the constraints of daily life. Perfectionism and order give way to spontaneity and organized chaos by means of colour, texture and canvas. Inspired by nature, imagination, emotion or reminiscence, every piece is uniquely crafted to instil thought-provoking wonderment.

In addition to utilizing various items from her surrounding to create a desired effect (from bubble wrap to curly willow branches), Hayley’s medium of choice is acrylic. Her gallery can be viewed online on her Facebook Page.

Chris Waneck is a local Kelowna artist, who has discovered the joy of colour after creating art with pen and ink previously.

2017 was a year of fulfilling creation for Chris, using a variety of grounds: canvas, wood, and stone. Creating art rocks for sale was a successful endeavour, which also served as a ‘thumbnail’ exercise for more sizeable works.

For more information on these works, as well as the Art Rocks, please contact the artist at [email protected]