Adam Flockemann, Murray A. Roed and Heidi Smith at Downtown Kelowna Library

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Adam Flockemann

Adam works with a variety of mediums that have all expanded his desire to express and share unique works of art. He is currently focused on photography, with a deep love for the natural world running through it. Currently living in Kelowna BC, the rich diversity of landscape and animal life there keeps him passionate and always seeking new precious moments to inspire people.

Murray A. Roed

Murray A. Roed was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, and grew up in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. He has been a geological and engineering consultant for 50 years. Murray is one of the authors of “best seller” books on “Geology of the Kelowna Area, and Origin of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia”, 1995, “Okanagan Geology, British Columbia”, 2004, “Okanagan Geology South”, 2011, in 2014 a 3rd edition of “Okanagan Geology, British Columbia”, and in 2017 a second printing of “Okanagan Geology South”. Cayman Press published a book authored by Murray on the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean in 2006 called “Islands from the Sea, Geologic Stories of Cayman”, available from the author. Summaries of these books are featured here.

The Geological Association of Canada awarded Murray the E.R. Ward Neale medal in 2013, presented annually for an individual’s sustained outstanding efforts in sharing earth science with the general public. Murray has painted since he was twelve years old, but has had no formal art training apart from instruction by a number of professional artists, notably Jonn Einerssen and Alex Fong of Kelowna.

Heidi Smith

Heidi loves the endless and bizarre possibilities collage offers by allowing her to displace images from their usual contexts. She uses collage as play as well as to express emotions and ideas, rearranging found images so that they represent a fresh new point of view, mood, or aesthetic. Some common themes within Heidi’s work include celebrating female strength and allowing oneself to see the world from a place of childlike imagination and wonder.

After years of playing around with collage for her own enjoyment, Heidi decided to take her art to the next level in 2016. Since then, Heidi has progressed immensely in her technique and creativity through experimentation and by gleaning advice from the very helpful and welcoming artists in Kelowna’s local art community. In the past year, Heidi had collages in exhibitions at the Kelowna Art Gallery and Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art. She is currently working on a series of pieces dealing with her personal struggles with mental health that she hopes to exhibit in the coming year. Additionally, Heidi has recently set up an Etsy shop where she sells both original collages and fine art prints of her work.