Angela Maher, Haley Mepham and Synnove Seidman at the OC College Library

On , In Artscape, Okanagan College Library

1000 K.L.O Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8

Angela Maher – Artist Statement

Since childhood I have been influenced and inspired by teachers and acquaintances who were artists or connected to the art world in some form or other. Painting, drawing and photography have always been favourite activities and still are today. For many years I painted on silk, being fascinated by this unpredictable medium and the brilliant colours. At the same time I also painted with watercolours and acrylics, moving from a representational style to abstract. Currently, my main focus has turned to painting with acrylics with themes ranging from landscapes to equine art and to pure abstracts. In any medium I use, the important factors for me are: colour, light and movement, aimed at conveying a strong emotional message.

Hayley Mepham – Artist Statement

My artwork is created with the purpose of invoking a desire to break free from the constraints of daily life. Inspired by nature, imagination, emotion or reminiscence, every piece is uniquely crafted to instill thought provoking wonderment and  inner peace. Each creation is different from the last based on not only whatever I find inspirational at that moment, but with attention to the future admirer that awaits it.

Synnove Seidman – Artist Statement

I create to share my joy and wonder, to communicate my deep respect and love for the mystery and beauty of existence. Nature is my cathedral, it is where I find inspiration. I was introduced to painting at an early age and have been holding a paintbrush or pencil in my hand for as long as I can remember. I love colour and light. I was trained classically and did many reproductions of old masters. My past work was mostly portraiture and figurative subject matter in oil. I have an abiding respect for the human form and traditional painting techniques. Since moving to the Okanagan Valley one year ago I have seen a transformation in the scale and style of my work. It has become less representational. I find myself drawn to abstract landscapes and botanical forms. I work in acrylic and oil. My current work is more abstract and dynamic. I paint or draw everyday because it feeds my soul, it nourishes and uplifts me. I want my art to bring beauty and exuberance to you too.