Alison Beaumont and Lynn Stevens at The Cottonwoods Care Centre

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2255 Ethel St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2Z9

Alison Beaumont – Artist Statement

I am still establishing my approach and ideas around Photography. I am attracted to the natural environment and a majority of my work is focused on nature and the found. I also am looking to further explore the ideas around photo essays and how they can depict a photo journalistic story or just an element of human existence. I believe in spontaneity and that photography has the ability to capture both the serene and the turbulent, and that these moments can and do have a profound effect on the way we think or react to images.


Lynn Stevens – Artist Statement 

The main focus of my photography is to simply inspire and heal people with beautiful images. From vast landscapes right down to the tiny details of nature, through which we pass by each day to busy to appreciate.

I feel my photography reflects the details of nature that are often overlooked. Photography is my way of showing the world how beautiful it still is, despite all it’s flaws and unhappiness that surrounds us. Stop, look, listen, smell, taste, and feel the world that surrounds you. Live the life you were meant to live. I have taken my time to embrace most of natures purest of designs. My photography is an example of the exquisite beauty that resides beneath our feet. Your task now is to use my images as inspiration and see what you see.

We have so much to give to this world and in return she has so much to give to us. Only when we choose to find one another can we both be seen in our truest form of beauty. Love her and all her beauty that resonates within.